Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Stay for a Spell

Pin It I loved, loved, loved making this display and the absolute best part is that the whole project cost less than $20 (which my husband loved)!  My favorite piece is the witch hat on the pedestal.  The hat itself is from a past Halloween costume and the pedestal is a thrift store find that I spray painted gray.  Oh and the jeweled ornament on it... part of a dollar store children's costume jewelry piece plus a little glitter and glue.
I want to still do something with the wreath that I made using an old pair of my husband's slacks, a wire coat hanger, and a great tutorial over at Beautiful Nest.  I can't decide though weather to simply add a ribbon or print out a cute witchy saying.  So ribbon?  Or one of these sayings laid across the wreath?
  • Stay for a spell
  • Come in for a spell
  • Hang around for a spell
  • Please park all brooms at the door
  • Sit for a spell and have some brew
 Feel free to chime in as I'm mulling this over.

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