Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Last year we were asked not to send candy to school with our kids' Valentines. Sweet treats are being banned from the class room more and more and with it comes the need for non-sugary alternatives. My kids still love receiving candy so I put together candy free Valentine's Day gift ideas.  Today I'm sharing a list of candy free/ food free ideas.

Saying: "Whoopee! It's Valentine's Day"
What You Need: Whoopee Cushions
Find Them At: Amazon
Free Printable by: Paging Mom

Saying: "Valentine, you are just write"
What You Need: Pencils
Find Them At: pretty much anywhere
Free Printable by: Positively Splendid

Saying: "You are ah-MAZE-ing"
What You Need: Maze Book or pencils
Find Them At: dollar stores
Free Printable by: Balancing Home 

Saying: "Valentine You Make My Heart Bounce"
What You Need: Bouncy Balls
Find Them At: dollar stores, Walmart
Free Printable by: the Crafting Chicks

Saying: "Valentine, You're Out of Sight!"
What You Need: Plastic Camouflage Binoculars
Find Them AtAmazon, Oriental Trading
Free Printable by: Chocolate on Toast

Saying: "Hope your Valentine's is TOAD-ally awesome"
What You Need: Plastic Jumping Frogs
Find Them At: Amazon
Free Printable by: Crap I've Made

Saying: "You Blow Me Away"
What You Need: Wand Bubbles
Find Them At:
Free Printable by: Dimple Prints

Saying: "You make my heart glow"
What You Need: Glowsticks
Find Them At: dollar stores, craft stores
Free Printable by: Craftiness is not Optional

Saying: "Blow me a kiss"
What You Need: Lip Whistles
Find Them At: Amazon, party supply stores
Free Printable by: At Second Street

Saying: "You color my world"
What You Need: Crayons
Find Them At: pretty much anywhere
Free Printable by: Prudent Baby

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