Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Motivating Kids the Ninja Warrior Way

Pin It This last summer, we were training ninjas in our home.  Or at least we were fostering good character and working on developing positive habits and attitudes the ninja warrior way.  What does that mean?  Well, since ninjas are pretty popular in our house right now, I devised a game that uses ninjas and a video game-like level up system that made it fun to help with chores, read, treat their siblings nicely, and so much more.  The boys earned points and stars for character development in five areas.  As they earned a set number of points and stars, they earned privileges and prizes.
The game was a huge success!  They were eagerly doing all sorts of things that they normally complain about.  As their friends came over for play dates, I was asked to explain the game and print out game cards for each of their boys.  So upon the urging of several family members and friends, I am sharing it with anyone looking for a fun way to motivate children to help around the house, complete their homework, and ultimately reward them for good character development.  The full concept is available in The Ninja Warrior Way: Fostering Positive Habits, Thoughts, And Behaviors in Young Children, a Kindle book, complete with a blank game card that can be printed online, an illustrated story to introduce the concept, and the instructions.
If you prefer jumping straight into the game, you can have a customized game card made which comes with instructions on how to play the game.  It is available in my new Etsy store, Chocolate On Toast. Pin It

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