Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Free Valentine's Printable for Boys

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So I was going through a box of left over party favors in the garage the other day when I came across foam gliders and binoculars from Trent's army themed party last year. Hmmm... gliders and binoculars.   Could I use them as a Valentine goodie.  Well, a bunch of different sayings popped into my head right away for the gliders.   But the binoculars... what was I going to do with little plastic binoculars?  And what cute little saying could I use with them?

So after a bit of consideration, I decided on:

"You're so fly!  Happy Valentine's Day"


"Valentine- You're out of sight!"

Click on the image of the free printable if you would like to download and use one of these Valentines.
"You're out of sight!" 3x1.5
"You're so fly!" 4x1
You're so fly! 2x2
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