Thursday, October 4, 2012

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My Little Pony Party

Pin It Having all boys, our birthday party themes have consisted of pirates, knights, army men, Jedi Padawan, and the like.  So when my best friend asked if I'd help plan and throw a My Little Pony birthday party for her daughter's 6th birthday, I jumped at the chance.  So with the help of sweet, little Coral, here is what we came up with for food, games, and activities that all centered around her favorite TV show. 
To start the party off, the girls (and a few boys) bedazzled their own unicorn horns (aka party hats) and beaded one of a kind necklaces under tents in Rarity's Fashion Design Center.
With accessories in hand, they were then off to Rainbow Dash's Hoof Decorating Parlor where most chose a rainbow of all five colors.
Finally, they played a balloon pop game to determine what color tutu they would show case at the Grand Galloping Gala.  So that the girls wouldn't fight over which color tutu they would get, I put numbers in each of the balloons.  One-by-one, they popped the balloons and received a tutu filled bag with the matching number.
The  night before the party, I decided it wouldn't do to have the girls using a pin or dart to pop the balloons. I envisioned them using a beautiful, feathered wand; so as soon as I woke up I made a Balloon Popper Wand.  I believe it is the first of it's kind.  I am selling them in my Etsy store if you would like one for your next party.

But back to the party.  We came up with snacks named after the main characters.  There were Applejack Slices, Fluttershy's Bunny Treats, Rainbow Dash Fish Crackers, Rarity's Pop-ular Corn, and Pinkie Pie Lemonade.

After an afternoon of dancing at the Grand Galloping Gala, the kids were invited to take home a bag of Pinkie Pie's Sweet Treats.  Hmmm... I wonder which pony is Coral's favorite?

Disclaimers:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  I have decided to use them as an affiliate site because I trust them and find they can deliver on many of my shopping needs.   

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  1. I absolutely love this daughter's party is in 2 weeks and I am using some of your ideas. I do have a question though....where did you get the picture of Rainbow that you put in the frame...really all of them.

  2. These are great! We are having a MLP party for my 5 year old in a few weeks. I would love a link to your Etsy shop.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!! I'm going to try out some of these for my little lady's party in a couple weeks!!

  4. I'd love to know what you made the balloon popper out of??