Friday, February 1, 2013

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (Part 2)

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This is part two of my Valentine's Day gift ideas.  The first part was candy free ideas. Today I'm sharing ideas that involve snack items.  I included links to sites offering super cute and creative printables that can be used with these ideas and sayings.  As much as I'd love to show you how cute the final products look, the images aren't mine so you'll have to click to their sites to see how fabulous their shares are.

This first is one that I created last year and gave to the kids' teachers with a bag of Popcornopolis.  I included a link at the end if you'd like to use this freebie.

Saying: "Hope your day really POPS!"
What You Need:  I used Popcornopolis but you can use  Pirate's Booty or pop your own and put it in sandwich bags.
Find Them At: Amazon, Costco, grocery stores
Free Printable by: me (the link is below)

Snack Food Ideas

Saying: "Of all the fish in the sea, you're the one for me!"
What You Need: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Find Them At: Amazon,grocery stores
Free Printable by: Design Dazzle

Saying: "For NACHO average Valentine"
What You Need: Doritos
Find Them At grocery stores
Free Printable by: Just Another Day in Paradise

Saying: "Follow the TRAIL to my heart."
What You Need: Trail Mix
Find Them At Amazon, grocery stores
Free Printable by: A Spicy Perspective

Healthy Fruits

Saying: "You APPEAL to me"
What You Need: Bananas or Banana Chips
Find Them At: grocery stores
Free Printable by: Hello Lucky

Saying: "We make the perfect pear"
What You Need: Pears
Find Them At grocery stores
Free Printable by: Funky Time

Saying: "You're the apple of my eye"
What You Need: Apples or Applesauce
Find Them At grocery stores
Free Printable by: What the Teacher Wants

Fancier Treats

Saying: "So fortunate to be your friend!"
What You Need: Fortune Cookies Kid's , Chinese Take Out Food Boxes
Find Them At: Amazon
Free Printable by: I Heart Nap Time

Saying: "Have a great day cupcake"
What You Need: cupcakes
Find Them At: craft stores
Free Printable by: Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

Saying: "You're a cutie pie Valentine!"
What You Need: Moon Pies or other small "pie" treat
Find Them At: craft stores
Free Printable by: Tammy Mitchell Designs

Here are the printables that I made for "Hope your day really POPS!"

4 to a sheet

8 to a sheet

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